We were tired of having to choose between what we want to eat & what we know we should eat.
So we created a snack that we can love without the guilt,
a snack that leaves us satisfied for hours & does a body good.


It’s simple, really.

We started with one of the world’s most abundant and nutrient-dense superfoods – beans – then roasted and seasoned them to crunchy perfection.

But we didn’t stop there.

We wanted to make Snack Out Loud a calling for people to make the ordinary extraordinary and find more fun in every day. Not by doing big things, like flash mobs in Times Square (though that would be really cool),
but just by doing something simple that makes you smile.
So we started a company dedicated to making life…and snacking…more fun.
If you smile one more time after eating Snack Out Loud or meeting one of us, please let us know.
It would make our day!