Locally Grown

Snack Out Loud beans are proudly grown in the USA just a short distance from where we roast and package them. Fewer miles to travel means less energy use and less pollution.

Nitrogen Rich

Beans release nitrogen in the soil which makes it richer for other crops to grow. This makes them a beloved crop by many farmers.

Trusted Source

We are close to the people who grow and clean our beans so we can trust the source.

Wind Powered

Our crunchy bean-making facility is 100% wind powered.


We use as few steps and ingredients as possible. Not only does this make them taste better, but also uses less energy and creates fewer byproducts in the process.

Made with Joy

We believe that happy people make better products, so we are committed to having a great culture and a workplace that generations of families are proud to be a part of.


We use 100% recycled paperboard in our packaging.
We continuously find ways to reduce our energy use and waste streams to reduce our footprint on the planet.


We share our time, money and products to help those in need and help to create a thriving community.