Beatriz Hernandez

Beatriz runs a tight ship as a member of the Snack Out Loud production team. She believes anything worth doing is worth doing to the greatest ability, and that’s the dedication she brings to her work. She doesn’t settle, and believes there is always room to grow. She challenges herself and those around her every day. She also has the best laugh of anyone on the team, so everyone strives to make her giggle.

Live Out Loud mantra
“Always smile, regardless of the situation and always be of service to someone.”

Favorite Snack Out Loud flavor
I have two favorites: Jalapeno Cheddar and Smoky Chipotle BBQ, because I love spicy foods.

Last spontaneously fun thing I did
Played in the snow with my kids as we buried our puppy in the snow.

My friends describe me as
Happy, smiley and crazy.