Brittany Rowley

Brittany draws joy from life, simply living life day to day. She loves to spend time outside, tending to her veggie garden, spending time with my friends and family, and of course, working out! Brittany loves to run and spin!

Live Out Loud mantra
“Live life to the fullest each and every day!”

Favorite Snack Out Loud flavor
Definitely the Chipotle BBQ (Brittany is a vegan, so she sticks to Chipotle, Sea Salt and Tomato Basil!)

Last spontaneously fun thing I did
I found out that a Vegan Oktoberfest was going on in LA last weekend, so I surprised my boyfriend with tickets and we had a blast making new friends and trying all sorts of delicious vegan food!

My friends describe me as
Loyal and caring, goofy and kind of “out there,” but also as a survivalist! Haha. They say if we ever encounter the end of the world, they’ll want me with them because I would know how to keep us alive!