Elexis Mariash

Elexis is passionate about many things—music, skiing, staying fit, growing organic veggies in her garden and eating scrumptious food. With more than a decade of experience helping build natural and organic food brands, Elexis was pleased as punch to join the Snack Out Loud team. From working on packaging to driving online and influencer strategies, planning events and leading the Bean Ambassadors, Elexis is helping to get Snack Out Loud known from coast to coast. If you get the chance to try some of our Crunchy Bean Snacks, it’s likely Elexis has helped make that possible.

Live Out Loud mantra
“No matter what happens in life, you can always find a reason to laugh. Laugh often.”

Favorite Snack Out Loud flavor
Tomato Basil, because it’s great on its own or as a salad topper.

Last spontaneously fun thing I did
I went on a 4-mile kayak adventure in Lake Tahoe while in town for a friend’s wedding.

My friends describe me as
A goofball, loving and a worker bee.