Lily Siegel-Gardner Coleman

Lily is passionate about food and where food comes from. She's studied water and food sustainability and sampled cuisine in her travels around the country and the world. She's a native Texan and has been in Colorado now for more than 5 years. You can take the Texan out of Texas, but you can't take the Texan out of them. She's very friendly and outgoing and enjoys talking to others about eating healthy and delicious food.

Live Out Loud mantra
“Nothing is constant except change. Embrace the change and enjoy the ride.”

Favorite Snack Out Loud flavor
Ranch and Smoky Chipotle BBQ – it’s like eating BBQ chips but without any of the guilt!

Last spontaneously fun thing I did
I was cross country skiing for the 2nd time ever down some black runs when I spotted a bald eagle soaring above and fell down a hill into a pillow of snow.

My friends describe me as
Outgoing, creative and a foodie.